Roha Energy

The JJT group is committed to bequeathing the planet to future generations in the condition it inherited it – or better. As an embodiment of this philosophy, Roha Energy was set up.

In pursuit of its objectives, the company goes beyond mere shop-floor practices of waste management and recycling; instead taking concrete steps towards environmental and resource conservation. Roha’s various energy-creation projects help contribute tangibly to the health and wealth of the JJT group and the world at large.

Making a change requires both individual and collective efforts. To scale up the impact of efforts initiated by Indian Governments, Roha Energy pledges support through exploration of sustainable and renewable energy options – primarily the two most abundant sources, Wind and Solar energy.

Wind Energy

From an environmental perspective Roha Energy achieved a significant milestone by the end of 2007. It qualified as a carbon neutral company. This it achieved in May 2007 by installing 7.5 MW wind turbines on a wind farm in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. With approximate annual output of more than 15.0 mn units, this project fully regenerates the energy consumed from the national grid to run its manufacturing facility at Roha.

Solar Energy

We actively seek ways to create a bigger and better positive impact on the environment as we believe that ecological responsibilities can be met through mutual co-operation. As Indian Governments explore sustainable and renewable sources of energy, we are fully committed to supporting them. A shining example of this is Roha Energy’s new solar power plant in Gujarat, created with the support of all departments and functionaries of the State government.

A Rs.3500 MN (approx.) project, the solar power plant has been completed in record time with the highest standards of technology, optimized usage of land and resources, and minimal transmission losses. A big value addition came in the form of an investment in Rajasthan with a 10 MW plant in progress. Another feather in the cap was in Gujarat, where a 25 MW Solar project was commissioned in Dec 2011 and inaugurated in March 2012.

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